27 cossin ford 1930 Pontiac roadster pickupHome

At Fast Eddie's we specialise in custom metalwork. We can build you the custom car of your dreams or customize what you have. Whether it's a 27 roadster like the one seen in here which is 1 1/2" longer just behind the doors to make it more comfortable for taller folks (not that you can tell) or something that has never been built before. We're ready to help!  If you're sick of going to shops and being told that "you can't have what you have in mind because that part isn't available". Give us a call you'll never hear that from us because at Fast Eddie's we'll make what you need right in our shop. Thanks for looking and please take a minute to let me know what you think!


Have any questions or comments, drop me an email @ topcat662@hotmail.com

or call (505) 259-9122

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